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Bruce Arnold Foundation Media Works

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Bruce Arnold Foundation MEDIA WORKS

Bruce Arnold Foundation Media Works

Raison d’État

Artists With A Vision

BAF Media Works artists are dedicated to their own work, but also to giving back by helping arts organizations and emerging artists develop their own creative programs and ideas. This help can come in many forms, from distributing scholarships to students, to sponsoring workshops where aspiring artists can access the tools they need to express themselves fully, and teaching the techniques that will promote their full potential.

None of this can be accomplished without philanthropic support from others. We have been very fortunate for a foundation in its early phase. Many music industry companies have stepped forward to support us. Please see our Sponsor page and remember these companies when you are next in the market to purchase a product they might manufacture.

Our Talent is Wide Ranging

BAF Media Works showcases a range of multihyphenate artists who cross stylistic boundaries as well as abilities. They are that rare breed who are both virtuoso performers and excellent pedagogues. Please visit our roster to find out about these unique artists whose talents range from Classical music to Jazz to Blues, frequently creating a seamless synthesis between all of these styles.

If you are looking for a more experimental and interdisciplinary approach, we also have a multi-media group that combines video with visual art and dance elements, to enhance the musical experience. Please refer to our artist’s page to learn more about this branch of the foundation.